Scott explains it all!

Event Director Scott Rice hosted a Live Q&A session for anyone interested in Ocean Swim Fiji. Don’t worry if you missed it, we’ve collected all of Scott’s answers here. If you have a question Scott didn’t cover, please check the FAQs or email

Question: Can you tell me about the Swim Locations?

Scott: There are three, well I guess four, but three main swim locations. And all I can say is they’ll blow your minds.

The first one is Tivua island which is about a 70-minute beautiful boat ride off Denarau Marina. It’s a small island with a 1km circumference, so the 1km is directly around Tivua island and the 3km is a larger then smaller lap. Tivua Island is beautiful. It’s not quite as built up as some other islands, so you really get that Fijian feel. It’s like you’re a castaway a world away from the normal lives most of us lead in New Zealand, Australia and all around the world. You’ll really appreciate getting away from it all.

Malamala Beach Club, which is a 30-minute boat ride from Denarau Marina, is what I call a five-star resort island. It absolutely will blow your mind. It’s stunning. Anyone who walks onto it will get the same feeling I did when I was there – which was “WOW.” I’d seen all the photos, but I had only been to Malamala for the very first time in the middle of May with my Operations Manager Lauren. We were just blown away, purely by the clarity of the water, the spectacle of the island, the way they’ve built it. It opened just a year ago.

Then, there’s Natadola beach on the Coral Coast of the mainland. It’s a 55-minute bus ride from Denarau Island. They call it one of the sexiest beaches in the world! It’s a long beach, a beautiful beach with golden sands. It’s not going to disappoint. It’s going to be awesome.

Check out the full itinerary here.

Question: My hubby’s a swimmer we’re thinking about coming along as a family, would this work?

Scott: Absolutely. We have a number of families that have registered to come along. What we suggest is that if mom/dad want to swim and the other person doesn’t, or you’ve got young kids or kids that aren’t interested in coming around to the swim locations, you could just hang out wherever you choose to stay. Or, you could buy a Supporter Pack and come along for the whole journey with your swimmer. The Supporter Packs are on our website to have a look. If your supporter chooses to stay at the resort and not to attend the swim events or social functions, then no pack is required.


Question: Are dinners and lunches included in the swimmer and supporter packs?

Scott: Yes, they are. There are five meals all up. The first meal is a welcome dinner on the Thursday 13 September at the Rhum-Ba for a nice buffet dinner. We have a Buffet BBQ lunch on Tivua island for swimmers and their supporters on Day 2 Friday 14 Septmeber. On Saturday, we have a BBQ Buffet lunch on Natadola beach and on Sunday another beautiful food truck style lunch at Malamala beach club. Then, On the Sunday evening is our final Awards Dinner.

Five meals all up, but if you need more information just click on the Swimmers or Supporters Pack pages on our website.  


Question: Do I have to fly Fiji Airways?

Scott: Fiji Airways is our official partner and we love those guys. But no, you don’t have to fly Fiji Air. If you have alliances with other airlines, fly with those. But we do have some pretty good rates through Fiji Air and they are a huge supporter of the event. If you want to see what those travel rates are, you can go to our travel team – just email


Question: My husband wants to come but doesn’t want to come to the swim locations or attend the functions, does he have to purchase a Supporter Pack?

Scott: No, he doesn’t. If your husband wants to just lie by the pool and read a book or do other things whilst you’re enjoying your swims and your functions, then no he doesn’t have to buy a Supporter Pack.


Question: What’s the water temperature likely to be? Wet suits recommended?

Scott: The water temperature is around 20-24 degrees. My recommendation would be that no you don’t need a wet suit.

To be honest, I think wearing a wet suit in tropical waters does look a little bit weird, but if you need it for the buoyancy or if you’re used to swimming a in a wetsuit then there’s no problem at all! You can wear it if you’d like to, but from a temperature point of view, you definitely won’t be needing one.


Question: Besides meals and swimming entry, what else do the packs include?

Scott: They include the 3 swims and hydration drinks at the end, and all the course safety. You get apparel – t-shirts, swim caps, a goody bag, a sarong, and a whole lot of merchandise we’re going to give you to wear proudly at the event.

They include the transport, so that is ferries to the islands and the bus transport out to Natadola beach. They’ve got the 7-day Bula Bus Pass, so you can get around Denarau island.

The private islands Tivua and Malamala Beach Club are day-resort islands – so Packs include entry to the islands, including all the sports activities you could imagine: SUP, snorkelling, all of that.

Find all the details of what’s included in the Swimmer Pack here and Supporter Packs here.

Question: How many people are registered?

Scott: Just about 150-160 at the moment, which is actually more than we expected at this time. But with the cold winters in Australia and New Zealand, they are starting to come in pretty fast now. 

This means we have just about 50 swimmer entries left with 10 weeks until the event. If you have been thinking about it and you want to come to the 2018 event, then start having a good look at thewebsite and making some decisions. 

Question: What water sports are there available and are they included in the price?

Scott: Yes, they are. Tivua and Malamala have a fantastic range of water sports available, so after the swim you can get on the SUP or go snorkeling. There are so many other activities I saw when I was there as well – plenty to do in between cocktails and beer by the pool and celebrating your great swim. They’re all included in the Swimmer and Supporter Pack price.

Question: Do I have to do all the swims?

Scott: No, you don’t. Your Swim Pack includes three swims, plus an optional relay on Monday 17 September. The relay will be a fun event on the Sofitel Fiji Beach. If you chose to do just one or two swims, that’s absolutely fine.


Question: Are there good deals available to stay after the swims?

Scott: Definitely. Our travel team can help you through working out where to stay and what to do either before or after. Most people would stay maybe 7-10 days. If you want to stay longer, just email and he can help you out.


Question: What is the minimum age for swimming?

Scott: 8 years old for the 1km and 10 years old for the 3km.


Question: Do you have to swim the 3km if that’s what you registered with?

Scott: No, you don’t. If you changed your mind, you don’t have enough training or you have a niggly injury, just let us know and we can drop you down to the 1km. It’s Fiji Time so we’re going to be pretty relaxed about it but try to give us a bit of notice if you can. Just email me at 


Question: When does it officially start and finish?

Scott: Ocean Swim Fiji officially starts on Thursday 13 September and finishes up Monday 17 September with the optional relay. But, if all you can do is come to the dinner the night before that’s fine. 

Check out the full itinerary here


Question: Will you have free time during the event?

Scott: Yes, you will. There is free time in the afternoon on the Saturday, but it is pretty action packed between Friday morning and Sunday night. But again, you can stay before or after to enjoy a little bit of time.

Check out the full itinerary here.


Question: Will there be a 2019 event?

Scott: Yes, there will be. Stay tuned for the dates and where that will be in Fiji – we might change some of the locations. I think we’re going to learn a lot from this year.


Question: With the t-shirts, are the women’s the same style as the men’s?

Scott: No, they’re not. We’ve learned our lesson with that. Women’s t shirts will be women’s cuts, so they’ll fit you well.


Question: What shall I pack for Fiji?

Scott: Well, it’s warm. It’s 28-29 degrees in September. It’s a pretty good season so fingers crossed we shouldn’t see a lot of rain. Pack light!


Question: If you’re a slower swimmer, is there anything to be worried about?

Scott: No, there’s not. Again, Fiji time! If you’re taking a little bit longer and everyone’s starting to get into a few too many drinks while you’re still out there, we’ll give you a helping hand with our event safety crew.


Question: Will there be lots of marine life?

Scott: Yes, there will be lots to see as you’ll be swimming over coral reefs on the two islands. It’s not too deep so it’s shallow enough for you to see what’s going on.


A couple of other key points:

When is it?

Scott: One of the important things coming up is the time – the event takes place in 10 weeks. Not long—the countdown is on! I can’t believe how quickly it’s come around actually.

Our entries close on 17 August, which is just over six weeks’ time. Six weeks until we close the registrations for the 2018 event. If you’ve been thinking about it and you’re excited about it, then why don’t you get to our website and purchase a spot?


What does it cost?

Scott: It’s NZD$1,199 for an Adult Swimmer Pack and NZD$899 for a Child Swimmer Pack and that is for ages 8-15. Adult Supporter Packs are NZD$849 and they are NZD$599 for children ages 4-15. For any child under 4, it is free to come to the swim locations and have the meals.


Flights and Accommodation

Scott: A couple of people have asked us in the past if flights and accommodation included in the Swimmer or Supporter Packs. No, they’re not. You are free to book those through your own travel agent, or we have a travel team that can sort out your flights and accommodation for you. You can stay the minimum four nights to do the whole event or extend your stay at either end. For our travel team, you can email


Event Safety

Scott: We’re working with Ian muller from Fiji Surf, who looks after the safety of all the surfers that go out to Cloudbreak in May and he teaches a lot of the hotel staff their life saving skills. He’s just filled us with confidence. He’s got a great team.


Is there anything else you’d like to know? Check the FAQs or email