The Perfect Post-Swim Sips

Rehydrating after a long swim is essential - but to keep the ‘cation in swimcation, let’s have a little fun! These are our favourite island cocktails and drinks to get back your land legs following the swim events – after a few glasses of water, of course! Just imagine yourself sipping on a well-deserved tropical tipple. Go the whole hog or request a mocktail version for a lighter option…

Pina Colada 
Replenish after burning all those calories from your swim. The indulgent Pina Colada is made with coconut cream which contains sodium and potassium - key ingredients of rehydration drinks. This yummy drink is sure to satisfy any post-swim cravings. 

Banana Daquiri

Get your potassium fix with a Banana Daquiri. Take “post-workout smoothie” to a whole other level. The potassium from the banana will help combat cramps and the coconut cream makes this a substantial drink of choice. But don’t sip it down too fast or you’ll be in for a brain freeze. 

Mai Tai

An island staple, the Mai Tai is a classic. Keep it light after the swims with this straight forward, but delicious cocktail. While the Mai Tai has widespread variations, the basic mix of rum, lime juice, and citrus is sure to keep this cocktail fresh and bright. It’s just what you’ll need to revive you after you cross the finish line.


Another light and crisp drink, the Mojito is the perfect cocktail for revitalization after a long swim. Fresh mint will refresh your mouth and mind, while the tart lime juice makes every sip a pleasure. 

Fiji Bitter Beer

Quench your thirst with a Fijian classic. Easy drinking and light, Fiji Bitter Beer is perfect for a relaxation session after your hard work in the ocean. Get your carbs in for the next swim without drying out your mouth by too much sweetness.


All jokes aside, it is very important to stay hydrated in the Fijian sun by drinking lots of water and non-alcoholic fluids. But once you’ve taken care of your body, take care of yourself with these delicious rewards. You’ll deserve it!