Our Epic Swim Courses are Revealed...

Ocean Swim Fiji’s swim courses have been set. Each Swim Event offers a unique swimming experience in Fiji’s famous turquoise seas. From island circumnavigation to ventures into the deep blue waters, all three swim courses promise to be unforgettable!

Swim Event 1 – Tivua Island

Ocean Swim Fiji kicks off at Tivua Island, with a stunning course giving swimmers glimpses of vibrant coral reefs. Beginning on the northeast beach of the island, the 1km course hugs the white sand shoreline of Tivua in a counter-clockwise direction. Swimmers will circumnavigate the island, then pass under Tivua’s iconic jetty before rounding a final buoy and coming back to shore to cross the finish line. 

The 3km swim course begins at the same point, with swimmers heading directly out to a buoy 180 metres off the beach then head to the west, passing over a gorgeous coral reef. Turning back to the east, the course rounds the end of the jetty, with the final lap following the 1km course around the island, under the jetty and around the final buoy for a strong finish back on the beach.


Swim Event 2 – Natadola Beach

Natadola Beach, one of the “sexiest” beaches in the world, features a course that takes swimmers out into the deep blue waters of Natadola Harbour. The triangular 1km course begins with a straight shot 350 metres out, passing a large reef on the left. Then, swimmers will turn to the east to round a second buoy and head back to the shoreline for a photo-worthy finish between two palm trees.

The start line for the 3km course is slightly further down the beach, taking swimmers out over the reef to a buoy 700 metres offshore. The course then turns east, south, and back west to create a large square before rounding a final buoy, bringing swimmers in for the palm tree flanked finish line. 


Swim Event 3 – Malamala Beach Club

The final swim event is hosted at the iconic Malamala Beach Club. Similar to the courses at Tivua Island, this course circumnavigates the island paradise. Beginning on the northern beach, the 1km course will head counter clockwise around the island hugging the shoreline and passing over Malamala’s coral reefs. This circular course passes under Malamala’s jetty then around a final buoy and back to beach for a finish in front of Malamala’s main Beach Club.

3km swimmers will set off from the same location, but swim directly out to a buoy 180 metres off shore. Rounding the buoy to the left, swimmers will follow the edge of the coral reef surrounding the island. Passing around the outside of the jetty, swimmers will enter the final lap which follows the 1km loop for an exciting homestretch just off the beach to finish in front of the main Beach Club where sun lounges await them for a well-deserved post-swim rest, relaxation and a cocktail in the infinity pool. 


With each course more stunning than the last, Ocean Swim Fiji is the swim series you don’t want to miss. Enter now to hit these courses in September!