Shane’s Top Five Favourite Things About Ocean Swim Fiji

Shane Gould - Olympic Swimmer

Having experienced Ocean Swim Fiji for myself in 2019, I can certainly say it’s a unique and very memorable ocean swimming event – so much so, that I’m coming back for more in 2020!

Aside from being a slice of paradise on land, Fiji is a truly unforgettable experience in the water and I’d like to share with you my favourite things about ocean swimming in this special place.


1: Leave the wetsuit and woolies at home!


With an average water temperature of 24 – 25 degrees, there’s absolutely no need to pack your wetsuit. Enjoy the sensation of the water on your skin while in the water, and balmy air temperatures when you’re on land.


2: Nothing could be clearer


The crystal clear water in Fiji has to be seen to be believed! The chance to see so much around you and get a clear sense of direction is one of the best things about swimming in this environment.


3: Finding Nemo…and more!


Watching the marine life found on the reefs while swimming around South Sea Island and Malamala Island is a real treat. Being so close to nature and seeing the underwater beauty of Fiji while enjoying a great swim is always a highlight for me.


4: The hammock is calling my name


Once you’ve crossed the finish line at Ocean Swim Fiji – 3 times in 3 days – it’s time to kick back and enjoy post-swim relaxation only meters away in a hammock or beachside bure. Soak up the sun and beautiful scenery while you reminisce on your swim, with a well-earned beverage of course!


5: Improving the confidence and skills of local Fijians


Dear to my heart is the chance to encourage local Fijians to gain better water confidence and avoid drowning, especially amongst young people. Donations from Ocean Swim Fiji participants helps to further my Shane Gould Swimming Project in villages throughout Fiji.


I’m looking forward to saying a big ‘Bula!’ to you at Ocean Swim Fiji in August 2020.