Swim tips for the tropics

woman in swimsuit in clear ocean water

The Fijian waters are famous for their warmth, clarity, and calmness. For most Ocean Swim Fiji participants, it will be a welcome change of conditions from swimming icy winter waves or repetitive laps in the pool.

Swimming in the tropical waters should be a breeze, so here’s just a few tips to make the most of your swims.

No wetsuit required

The water temperature in Fiji will be warm, averaging a minimum of 24 degrees in September. While swimmers are welcome to wear wet suits if they like the buoyancy, it’s definitely not necessary. A pair of togs or jammers will suit these conditions just fine. So, swim unrestricted and let your skin enjoy the ocean.

Kadavu Island beach, Fiji

Lather up

No wetsuit means more freedom, but also more exposure. We’re sure to get lots of sun in Fiji, so make sure you really apply sunscreen with care. Get a waterproof sport sunscreen, use 7 teaspoons for a full-body application (1tsp per limb, 1tsp for your front, 1tsp for your back and 1tsp for your face, ears and neck. Apply at least 20 minutes before you go into the water to make sure it has fully absorbed into your skin. Keep in mind you won’t be able to reapply mid-swim, so get SPF50+ to stay safe for as long as possible. Don’t forget a shirt, hat and sunglasses for after your swim!

ocean fish swimming in coral reef

Look out for Nemo!

You’re on Fiji time, so no need to race to the finish if you don’t want to… Why not slow down, stop and smell to flowers – or rather, spy the reef marine life? There is sure to be plenty of vibrant sea life, colourful corals and unique fish, so keep your eyes peeled during the swims.

If you don’t spy enough fish on the course, take advantage of snorkelling gear on Tivua Island and Malamala Beach Club to have a long leisurely look – all included in your Pack.

refreshing tropical cocktail

Stay hydrated

The Fijian heat will have you sweating more than normal. Make sure you drink plenty of water and replenishing liquids to stay healthy and feel balanced. At the finish line, swimmers will receive a hydration drink. Then, head to the beachside bars to reward yourself with a cocktail – the fun way to get your fluids!

Most importantly…

Remember to have the time of your life! Make unforgettable memories with your family and friends during this stunning event. It will blow your minds, so enjoy every second.