Why Fiji? Why now?

Aerial view of Fiji island

Adding to the global ocean swimming craze, Scott Rice of the Banana Boat Ocean Swim Series is introducing his first international destination swim event. Ocean Swim Fiji will be an exciting combination of luxury travel experiences and premier ocean swimming events.

Scott has conceived this event with everyone in mind. It’s the perfect introduction for ocean swimming beginners, a great combination of sport and leisure for ocean swimming fanatics, and an ideal and stress-free vacation for their supportive friends and family.

Man in swimmers running into blue ocean

New ocean swimmers often fear what may lurk in the mysteries of the deep. Cloudy waters hide what might be floating just below the surface. In Fiji, the crystal-clear waters leave nothing to fear! You’ll be swimming alongside colourful tropical fish and your fellow swimmers.

Ocean Swim Fiji is great for ocean swimming veterans as well. Take a trip that not only is a way for you to pursue your passion, but also is a luxurious tropical vacation. You’ll be able to spend time with ocean swimming enthusiasts like yourself at the many included social occasions. Additionally, there will be clinics held by ocean swimming legends where you can hone your skills.

Woman relaxing on beach with a cocktail

Swimming not for you? No worries. Supporter Packages are available to make sure you have a great time in Fiji while supporting your loved one at the events. Your package allows you to come to each event and social occasion held in world-class Fijian destinations.

Don’t care for the swimming events? That’s alright, too! Our travel team can still help with your flights and accommodation. Your transport to the events or attendance of the social occasions won’t be included, but you can purchase a separate ticket to the Awards Diner & Party.

Fiji beach with sunset on horizon

The timing of the event is also crucial. As any athlete will tell you, winter training is such a drag. The open water season is far off and there is little to motivate you. Let Fiji be the sunny beach at the end of your winter tunnel!