Embracing the Spirit of Ocean Swim Fiji

Picture this: two water-loving mates, Ross “The Aussie Swimmer” Conwell and Jim “The Kiwi Cruiser” Goodwin, setting sail on an aquatic escapade like no other. With a splash of rivalry and a sprinkle of camaraderie, these ocean enthusiasts have turned Ocean Swim Fiji into their yearly aquatic playground.

Their friendship bloomed amidst the waters of Ocean Swim Fiji, where the Aussie and Kiwi rivalry takes a backseat to the shared love for the sea and good banter. Ross, known for his Aussie beach vibes and sleek swim strokes, crossed paths with Jim, the legendary Ironman from the land of the long white cloud, at the inaugural Ocean Swim Fiji event. Since that meeting, they’ve been back year after year, turning every stroke into a friendly race.

Their first encounter at Ocean Swim Fiji was straight out of a buddy movie – friendly competition in the water, high-fives at the finish line, and an instant connection over Fiji’s crystal-clear waters. “Jim and I first met at Ocean Swim Fiji, towards the end of the pack each time,” recalls Ross with a grin. “Our friendship blossomed as we always tried to outdo each other to the finish line, a friendly competition that’s now a cherished part of our Ocean Swim Fiji tradition.”

Ross reflects on his swimming journey: “Over the years, my swimming hasn’t gotten any faster, but it has definitely become stronger and longer. I can comfortably do up to 5k in a session now, albeit at a leisurely pace.”

He expresses his love for the event: “I love this type of event because no one really cares about your speed; it’s all about finishing and enjoying the camaraderie. Ocean Swim Fiji has become a highlight of my sporting life, where sharing stories over cocktails is just as important as the swims themselves.”

Ross’s journey with Ocean Swim Fiji began with a nudge from a mate. “I first discovered Ocean Swim Fiji by word of mouth from a good mate Andrew Reid (Bondi Lifeguard) who was a guest ambassador in 2018,” recalls Ross. “The number one thing that keeps me returning is the people and the professional organisation of the event from the swims to the socials.”

Their dedication to returning to every Ocean Swim Fiji event, and sometimes even attending twice in a year, speaks volumes about the lasting bonds forged amidst Fiji’s waters. With a capacity limited to 200 people, participants walk away from each event knowing everyone in the group, fostering friendships that extend beyond the swim lanes.

What makes their friendship so special? It’s not just about the swims; it’s about the laughs, the shared stories over post-swim cocktails, and the unforgettable moments that only Ocean Swim Fiji can create. It’s like the friendly banter between Aussies and Kiwis – a rivalry filled with camaraderie and good-natured competition that adds an extra splash of excitement to their annual swimcation.